Job description

Together with your team, you are responsible for ensuring that all bars are supplied with drinks and fresh glasses. In addition, empty bottles and glasses must be collected and sorted throughout the entire area (outside and inside) during operation. Previous experience and knowledge of German are not essential. Resilience and teamwork skills are required.

What we are looking for

We are looking for friendly, team-competent, attentive and cheerful employees for the summer season from April/May to September, who:

  • can work flexibly (also at weekends)

  • can be assigned at least twice a week

  • who can work under pressure and cope well with a high workload

  • who treat themselves and others with respect and appreciation

  • who can integrate well and happily into our diverse team

  • who are lgbtqia+ friendly

We only hire working students and part-time employees (no mini-jobs).

People with impairments and disabilities are given preference.

What we offer

  • an experienced and very friendly, cheerful and attentive core team

  • clear structures and open communication

  • respectful interaction in all directions using our constantly evolving awareness concept (link to concept)

  • Employment relationships with written employment contracts, vacation entitlement and continued pay in the case of illness

  • night bonus

  • moderate working hours

  • flexible working hours as we are open every day

  • free catering (drinks and food) during the shift

  • discount on drinks outside working hours

  • varied, curated and diverse program

  • early shift scheduling taking into account individual wishes and needs

  • Communication in German and English (German and Spanish in the cleaning team)

When does the job start


Application process

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