How to Apply for a Club Job 101

Do I have the necessary (formal) prerequisites to even apply for a club job?

You want to apply for a job at a club and are unsure if you meet all the (formal) requirements? First, it's important to note that the requirements can vary greatly from club to club. Therefore, it's always a priority to actively read the job advertisement. However, there are some points that many applicants forget to consider. Before applying for a job at a club, it can be helpful to ask yourself the following questions:

We hope that the provided information help you to consider an application. sometimes individual cases and questions need to be clarified through direct contact with the club offering the job. So don’t hesitate to reach out! Your questions are important and probably save a lot of time for the HR department on-site.

What should be included in the application?

Again, it's important to actively read the job advertisement! The requirements vary from club to club. The application may include a resume, certificates, and other documents.

One document that is required in almost all cases is a "letter of intent" or an equivalent piece of writing. This is intended to help the employer determine what experience you bring and whether the job suits you. When you write your letter of intent, please keep in mind: This letter serves only as an initial insight for the employer. In general, the text should not exceed one page. If the employer is interested, they will ask more detailed questions in a job interview.

Questions you should ask yourself for a letter of intent:

  • How do you know about the club?

  • How did you become aware of it?

  • Why do you want to work at this particular establishment?

  • What experience do you already have with working in a club or the profession that the club is looking for?

  • What other professional experiences do you have? What are you currently doing (education, studies, other jobs, etc.) and where do you see yourself in the foreseeable future? Why should the club choose you? What do they gain by hiring you?

In most cases, you then submit this letter and the other documents digitally, usually by email. However, please also actively read the job advertisement to determine which communication method is required. On our platform, your application will automatically be forwarded to the respective club via email. If manual email correspondence is desired and no specific subject is requested in the job advertisement, it's advisable to choose a subject that makes it easy for the clubs HR department to assign the email to applications (e.g., ”Application for part-time job as Runner“). Attachments should be in PDF format in most cases. For both emails and documents, it's best to avoid links and downloads for security reasons. Everything the club should receive from you should preferably be accessible through the email attachment.

You have applied—what now?

Great job! All companies will make every effort to react to your application as quickly as possible. Depending on the workload, it may take more or less time. Now patience is required. How the further process for selection or hiring will look like depends on the individual club. In most cases, this will then be communicated directly to you by the companies.

Don't panic! The interview is not just about the club getting to know you, but also about you understanding the club and its way of working. Before your interview, take a look at the club's events and activities. This will give you an insight into the club's culture.